Incident Investigation Training
Accident / Incident Investigation Training
Conduct an Investigation into Workplace Safety, Health and Enviromental Incidents.
US ID 259617 - NQF LEVEL 2 - CREDITS 3

Accident / Incident Investigation

Accident / Incident Investigation Training

This course will enable participants to identify and explain the legal and site-specific requirements regulating the reporting and investigation of workplace incidents. Learners will be enabled to gather relevant information; complete the required reports and effectively process any physical evidence which may have been collected.

•  Communication at NQF Level 1 or equivalent.
•  Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1 or equivalent.
This incident investigation training course includes:

•  Workplace SHE incident investigation requirements.
•  Gathering information for workplace SHE incident investigations.
•  Conducting post-investigation activities.

For the purpose of this unit standard, conducting an investigation is limited to the actions carried out immediately the incident happens or is discovered.
Accident / incident Investigation course contents

•  Legal and site-specific requirements for reporting and investigating workplace incidents.
•  Definitions
•  Procedures to be followed to effectively manage an incident in the workplace including:
   -  safety at the scene
   -  safeguarding evidence; securing the scene
   -  handling injured persons
   -  handling fatalities
   -  dealing with work processes
   -  initial reporting
•  Consequences of non-compliance with legal and company-specific requirements.
•  Mitigating risks and preventing accidents.
•  Purpose, type and extent of information to be gathered.
•  Resources for conducting investigations including documentation, human resources, tools and materials required.
•  Gathering accurate and relevant information from the scene and from witnesses.
•  Completing reports in the required formats including investigation reports, compensation documentation, required government departmental documentation, and organisational documentation.
•  Submitting reports
•  Processing physical evidence gathered during the investigation.
•  Processing resources used during investigations.
Course Details

Course duration: 1 Day
Time: 08h00-16h00
Price: R1225.00 per person excl. VAT
Cost includes: Incident Investigation Manual; Laminated Memory Card.
Certificate valid: 2 years
Venue: On site or at IEFA Training Centre
Dates: Available upon request
No of learners: On site minimum 8, maximum 25.
Course Accreditation: HWSeta (Accreditation No. HW592LP00011)