Level 1 - Basic First Aid Course
First Aid Training Courses
Perform Basic Life Support and First Aid Procedures
USID 119567 - NQF Level 1 - Credits 5

First Aid Training

First Aid Level 1 (2 Days) - Course Outline

The level 1 first aid training course covers the most important basic first aid skills required to manage common medical and trauma emergencies at home and at the workplace until emergency services arrive to take over. All companies are legally required to provide first aid facilities and to have an appropriate number of first aiders in the workplace – see Department of Employment and Labour website: www.labour.gov.za. This Level 1 first aid course meets the requirements of the Department of Employment and Labour in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and incorporates the specific outcomes and assessment criteria of the SAQA-registered Unit Standard 119567. CPR in this course complies with the guidelines released by the American Heart Association, October 2015.

•  Communication at ABET Level 3
•  Mathematical literacy at ABET Level 3

The Level 1 first aid course will enable learners to assess an emergency situation and to provide basic life support and first aid in order to stabilize a patient prior to handing over to the emergency services. Our first aid courses are designed to help learners to work logically, efficiently and effectively when assessing and managing an emergency by using a systematic approach to first aid. It is a practical, hands-on first aid course with emphasis on learning cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using an AED as well as other critical skills. It includes: demonstrating an understanding of emergency scene management; understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology; assessing an emergency situation; applying appropriate first aid procedures to a life-threatening situation and treating common injuries.
First Aid Level 1 Course Contents

•  Safety at the scene of the emergency.
•  The first responder and the law.
•  Basic human anatomy and physiology.
•  Assess an emergency.
•  The primary survey.
•  Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
•  Choking and other emergencies requiring CPR.
•  Unconsciousness and fainting.
•  The secondary survey.
•  Bleeding and shock.
•  Common injuries.
•  Soft tissue injuries.
•  Burns.
•  Fractures.
•  Head and spinal injuries.
•  First aid and follow-up treatment.
Course Details

Course duration: 2 Days
Time: 08h00-16h00
Price: R1210.00 per person excl. VAT
Cost includes: First Aid Level 1 Manual; CPR Mouthpiece and Gloves; Laminated Memory Card.
Certificate valid: 3 years
Venue: On site or at IEFA Training Centre
Dates: Available upon request
No of learners: On site minimum 8, maximum 25
Course Accreditation: HWSeta (Accreditation No. HW592LP00011)