Level 1 - Basic Fire Training
Level 1 - Basic Fire Training
Applying Fire Fighting Techniques
US ID 252250 - NQF Level 1 - Credits 3

Fire Fighting

Fire 1 (1 Day) - Course Outline

The basic fire fighting course covers procedures for dealing with insipient-stage fires in the workplace. It incorporates the specific outcomes and assessment criteria of the SAQA registered Unit 252250.

•  Communication at ABET Level 3 or equivalent.
•  Mathematical Literacy at ABET Level 3 or equivalent.

This basic fire fighting course will enable employees to prevent, identify and extinguish insipient-stage fires in the workplace using basic fire-fighting equipment. It is a hands-on, practical course in basic fire fighting but also includes formal instruction on various aspects of fire and fire behaviour, fire prevention and evacuation procedures, basic fire equipment and fire fighting procedures. This basic fire fighting course includes topics such as fire safety and fire prevention, identifying the type of fire, evaluating the context of the fire and selecting the appropriate fire fighting procedure; identifying, selecting and checking appropriate fire fighting and safety equipment; fighting containable/extinguishable fires; retreating from fire site and handing over to appropriate personnel; reporting/recording the status of fire and equipment.
Basic fire fighting course content

•  Fire defence policy; safety signs/symbols on fire equipment.
•  Fire prevention includes legal, financial and personal consequences.
•  Procedures for employees: alerting the fire department and evacuation procedures.
•  The theory of fire: methods of fire transmission, the chemistry of combustion, sources of heat, phases of a fire, classification of fires and extinguishing methods.
•  Recognizing different types of fires (ordinary combustible materials, electrical, flammable liquids and gases); risks from the environment (where the fire is, structure and layout of site, adjacent hazards, structural materials) and appropriate fire fighting procedure.
•  Fire fighting and safety equipment - identifying, selecting and checking fire extinguishers, hose reels, and buckets.
•  Use of Fire Fighting safety equipment including fire extinguishers, hose reels and buckets and fire blankets.
•  Fighting containable/extinguishable fires; fire fighting methods; changes in conditions; fire monitoring issues.
•  Retreating from a fire site and handing over to appropriate personnel.
•  Reporting/recording the status of fire and equipment.
•  Practical training to use equipment to its full potential.
Course Details

Course duration: 1 Day
Time: 08h00-16h00
Price: R875.00 per person excl. VAT
Cost includes: Fire Level 1 Manual; Laminated Memory Card.
Certificate valid: 2 years
Venue: On site or at IEFA Training Centre
Dates: Available upon request
No of learners: On site minimum 8, maximum 25
Course Accreditation: LGSeta (Accreditation No. LG141P)