Fire Fighting Courses
Fire Fighting Courses
Fire Fighting

About our Fire Fighting Courses

Our basic fire fighting training will equip employees to prevent fires and to contain and/or extinguish an incipient-stage fire. Fire fighting training includes emergency evacuation procedures and how to alert the fire department.

We offer two basic Fire Fighting courses and a Breathing Apparatus training course.
Fire Fighting

Basic Fire Fighting Training Course

SAQA registered Unit Standard: 252250, 'Apply fire fighting techniques'.
This basic fire fighting course covers procedures required for dealing with insipient-stage fires in the workplace. It is a hands-on, practical course in basic fire fighting but also includes formal instruction on various aspects of fire and fire behaviour, fire prevention and evacuation procedures, basic fire equipment and fire fighting procedures.
For further information on this course and its contents kindly refer to the dedicated page for the Basic Fire Fighting course.
Fire Fighting

Extended Basic Fire Fighting Training Course

SAQA registered Unit Standard: 12484, 'Perform basic fire fighting'.
This extended basic fire fighting course will be enable learners to identify different classes of fires, and to contain, prevent and extinguish different types of fires by operating basic firefighting equipment. This basic extended fire fighting course is a hands-on, practical course. It includes formal instruction on fire prevention and evacuation procedures, fire and fire behaviour, fire-fighting equipment including fire extinguishers, hoses and hydrants, basic fire fighting procedures and techniques and basic life support and emergency first aid care for burns.
For further information on this course and its contents kindly refer to the dedicated page for the Extended Basic Fire Fighting course.
SCBA / Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus Training Course

SAQA US ID 242852, 'Use a self-contained breathing apparatus'.
This breathing apparatus training course will enable the learner to use a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) safely and effectively during normal occupational assignments and emergency operations. Training in the correct use of breathing apparatus will give the learner fundamental knowledge and skills to ensure that respiratory protection is not intentionally compromised, and that they retire from hazardous areas before their air is depleted.
For further information on this course and its contents kindly refer to the dedicated page for the Breathing Apparatus Training course.
•  Our insipient/basic fire training courses consist of workshops in which formal instruction on various aspects of fire theory are given including fire prevention, procedures for employees in the event of a fire, under-standing the nature and chemistry of combustion, fire behaviour, the sources and classes of fire and extinguishing methods. Practical demonstrations, using the appropriate basic firefighting equipment are conducted and exercises and assessment opportunities are given as part of the fire fighting training.

•  Learners are given the opportunity to put out a fire themselves using the appropriate firefighting equipment. Training in insipient stage fire fighting includes selecting the correct type of fire extinguishers for a specific class of fire. Basic training in fire fighting also equips learners to use a wall-mounted reel hose.

•  Our audio visual aids include Power Point and video presentations.

•  The training manual consists of modules. Learning objectives are stated for each module in the manual and learners are presented with course information and summaries to assist them achieve these objectives. The manual also contains self-assessment activities, which will help learners to monitor their progress.

•  The course is concluded with formal learner assessment and each learner is required to extinguish a fire within a controlled environment. Every effort is made to ensure that assessment practices are relevant, transparent and fair.

•  Certificates will be given on successful completion of the course.

•  Courses are run at our training centre where there is ample safe parking. Alternatively courses may be run on site if a suitable controlled environment is available.
Current Course Structures for Fire Training

Basic Fire Training: 8 hours, Minimum 8 students
Extended Basic Fire Training: 16 hours, Minimum 8 students
Breathing Apparatus Training: 16 hours, Maximum 8 students

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