About Us
First Aid Training Courses
Our Vision

Nobody should have to die or suffer unnecessary complications because someone else did not know how to provide basic life-saving emergency care!
Our Mission

IEFA is committed to providing a high standard of training and education in emergency procedures and, at different levels from basic to advanced that will give learners the knowledge and skills to cope confidently and effectively when faced with an emergency at work or in their wider community.
About us

The Institute of Emergency First Aiders (IEFA) is a closed corporation with BBBEE Level 4 status. IEFA was established in 1987 by a member of the Emergency Services who saw, daily, a real and growing need for public knowledge and awareness of how to effectively respond in the event of an emergency.
IEFA’s aim is to provide training and education in emergency first aid according to the highest professional standards in the belief that anyone who has this sound basic knowledge will be able to provide invaluable assistance to the Emergency Medical Services, but more importantly will be able to help to reduce the mortality rate during the first critical minutes following an emergency. Knowing what to do will enable one to cope confidently and effectively when assisting a person in distress.
In 1987 IEFA provided training in First Aid from level 1 to level 3 and in Basic Firefighting. Since then, IEFA has expanded its training to include a range of emergency response training courses most of which address the occupational health and safety requirements outlined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993:

•  Health & safety representatives (SAQA US ID: 259622)
•  Emergency preparedness & response procedures (SAQA US ID: 259597)
•  Accident investigation (SAQA US ID: 259617)
•  Basic firefighting (SAQA US ID: 252250)
•  Extended basic firefighting (SAQA US ID: 12484)
•  Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) (SAQA US ID: 242852)
•  Hazmat awareness (Health & Safety enrichment course, Non-accredited)
•  First aid level 1 (SAQA US ID: 119567)
•  First aid level 2 (SAQA US ID: 120496)
•  First aid level 3 (SAQA US ID: 376480)
•  Understanding HIV/AIDS in the workplace (SAQA US ID: 13915)
•  Basic life support for healthcare providers (American Heart Association/ RCSA)
•  Preparing the workplace for COVID-19 (Health & Safety enrichment course)
•  Basic life support & AED (First Aid enrichment course)

We are registered with and recognized by the following institutions:
•  Department of Employment & Labour (CI 034)
•  Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa
•  HW SETA (Ref No. HW592LP00011)
•  LG SETA (Ref No. LG – 141P)
Training and commitment

IEFA has done extensive research and development since 1987 to ensure all training materials are up to International Standard. We have a team of SETA- accredited Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators that are subject experts and dedicated to the task of providing a high standard of training programmes.

IEFA provides training courses that enable organizations to comply with the legal requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993.

Our fully accredited, outcomes-based programmes cater for all levels of training including individuals with limited reading and writing skills. Our training is in line with the skills development ACT that creates an atmosphere for continuous improvements in these fields.

Our staff understand and endorse the policies, commitment, and requirements of IEFA. Management is committed to ensuring that IEFA complies with the National Qualifications Framework changes and demands, as well as the changing education environment and expectations from sectors and industry.